Thursday, August 30, 2018


As alluded to in the previous update, there is a new forum available for the fig community at

As fig forums go, will be much like the old figs4fun.  The emphasis will be on the hobby, on helping people learn, and on helping collectors to get all the varieties as cheaply and easily as possible.  The difference is that will have closer moderation than figs4fun in order to prevent the sort of massive crash and exodus that was caused there by self-appointed vigilantes several years ago, or the runaway trolling which finally finished it off last year. 

Since there will be competent moderation at, activities like libel, defamation, tortious interference, wrongful demonization, false accusations of fraud, etc, will not be tolerated.  In other words, will operate in accordance with common sense and the law. 

How 'bout them figs?

Sunday, August 26, 2018

How to Propagate Figs "Impossibly" Fast

I have been relentlessly attacked and trashed over the past 2.5 years for claiming that I can propagate figs at rates that Wills and his band of biased 'experts' swear is impossible.  They say that I knowingly made false estimates about shipping dates that were based on propagation rates that were "impossible," and that I was therefore a crook/conman/cheat/scammer/etc who should be trashed and undermined every step of the way by any and all means (including both legal and illegal means).

Well, Wills and his 'experts' are of course completely ignorant and wrong, and I can easily demonstrate why, since I have always had actual proof.

I waited until now because I didn't much care for Wills' technique of trying to bully me into divulging my competitive advantages over him.  I strongly suspect he always knew I had a real solution up my sleeve, that he was frustrated that he couldn't figure it out on his own (despite my strong hints), and that he was using the smear/defamation campaign against me as a means of pressuring me into revealing what he wanted to know.  I think this because it's completely inline with the actual words and behavior that he displayed in private emails to me during the weeks leading up to the original $7 fig tree sale...when he was relentlessly badgering with me with dozens and dozens of aquaponics consulting questions, since he wanted to start an aquaponics system and since he knew I was a nationally renowned expert in the field (probably top 5 in the country at that time). 

It's amazing how much different everything is when you know some of the background truth.

So without further ado, here's quite possibly the most interesting thread ever posted on a fig forum:

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Rooting Cups

If you need to root some cuttings, clear rooting cups make the process easy and fun. Whether it's figs, flowers, citrus, or any other rootable cutting, these rooting cups can help.

Clear rooting cups are also great to use for starting seeds. Not only do they allow you to monitor root development at a glance, they help promote strong rootballs that will pay dividends when it's time to up-pot or plant them in the ground.

The cups are available at

Monday, February 27, 2017

Blue Tilapia pond stocking

Do you want to clear up a pond choked with algae?  Do you want significantly bigger bass, catfish, and bluegill?  You can accomplish both goals by stocking with adult blue tilapia broodstock in early spring.

When you stock a pond with adult blue tilapia broodstock in the spring, they'll reproduce throughout the summer and fall.  Blue Tilapia females spawn every 6 weeks or so, producing waves of fry that feed aggressively on algae over the summer, clearing up your pond and providing increased forage for your game fish. In the late fall, when temperatures dip, blue tilapia become sluggish and eventually die when water temps drop below the upper 40's, thereby providing your game fish with lots of easy food to fatten up on heading into winter. So in essence, stocking with blue tilapia will clear up your pond and convert unwanted algae biomass into game fish biomass.

I cannot recommend blue tilapia enough as a tool for pond management. I think it is well worth the time of any interested person to google around and research the topic for themselves. Tilapia pond stocking is taking off as an effective biological method of pond management, replacing chemical-based methods. The price of using blue tilapia often comes out similar to the price of using chemicals, but the other wonderful benefits of using blue tilapia strongly tip the scales in its favor.

Why stock pure blue tilapia instead of other kinds of tilapia? First, blue tilapia are significantly more cold hardy: they can survive down into the upper 40's, whereas other types of tilapia die off in the mid/upper 50's. This means that you can put them in sooner and they'll stay alive longer, giving you an extra couple months of growth, production, and performance from blues that other types of tilapia cannot provide. Second, blue tilapia are better filter feeders than other kinds of tilapia. As adult blue tilapia swim around, algae in the water sticks to mucus in their throats, which they then swallow. This allows adult blue tilapia to get significant nutrition directly from the water column (digesting the algae and the bacteria growing on the algae) while further cleaning the water for you.

Recommended stocking rates and dates

If your pond is already stocked with game fish, we strongly recommend stocking blue tilapia at a rate of 60-80 lbs/acre for algae control and to provide forage for your game fish.  When we first started researching the use of blue tilapia as algae control in Kansas ponds, it was common to see a recommended stocking rate of 40 lbs/acre.  According to our own experience, though, that rate only holds for ponds that lack game fish, and is insufficient for most ponds.  (Part of the problem is that the algae seems to be getting a larger and larger headstart each spring, most likely because our winters have been getting increasingly mild.) 

Blue Tilapia are stocked when ponds have a significant amount of water that is consistently over 60F, which is usually around May 1st in Kansas, depending on the weather.

How To Order
If you are interested in ordering blue tilapia for the upcoming 2018 season, then email us at to discuss and reserve your order.  You won't pay until next spring, but by committing early you can get your spot in line and receive a 20% 'early bird' discount.

Delivery is available and is charged separately based on pounds and distance.  If you need your fish delivered, you can determine the cost by looking through the 2nd table below to find the rate that matches your poundage and approximate distance from our farm (we're near Manhattan, KS).

Quantity (lbs)Price/lbTotal

Distance from ManhattanDelivery Charge per load (up to 150 lbs per load)
under 50 miles$75
50-99 miles$100
100-149 miles$150
150-199 miles$200
200-250 miles$250

Monday, April 18, 2016

Blue Tilapia Pond Stocking - delivering large broodstock

Here's a short video showing some of our large adult Blue Tilapia broodstock. We're sold out of big ones like these for the rest of the 2016 season; the remaining fish are in the 6-8" range.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Fig Orchard Expansion

Here are some pics of the new fig orchard area: