Monday, April 4, 2011

Bring on the Sunshine!

The past two days have been sunny (after a long bout of crummy, cloudy weather), and the plants have responded. It's like an explosion of green when you peek inside:

The lettuce continues to amaze:

And the broccoli heads seem to be doubling in size every 24-36 hours:

Here are the Royal Burgandy garden beans (top) and pumpkins (along the bottom). The cluster at the bottom right are Prizewinner Hybrids that can get up to 300+ pounds. The cluster at the bottom left (under attack by snow peas that line the left side of the pic) are Big Max, which can get to around 100 lbs. The two in the bottom middle are Atlantic Giants. The plan with the pumpkins is to have them run right out the door; that way, they have some room to run around while still being able to keep their toes in the honey jar. [You'll also notice a Bibb lettuce that I plopped down in the middle of pumpkin avenue, and on the very bottom left, growing in the dirt, is some Parris Island romaine lettuce (the bigger plants) being followed up by some carnations.]

I'll end with a shot taken from the blue cushion in the first pic of this post looking back toward the entrance: