Thursday, April 14, 2011


Overview (it's beginning to get a bit jungly in there):

This head of buttercrunch was the best tasting lettuce I have ever had:

This is supposedly iceberg lettuce. The thing is, iceberg is supposed to form a crisp head, but these icebergs are instead forming giant sprawling fountains of leaves. Tastes like good iceberg, though. Weird.

The tomatoes are already getting thick, a harbinger of the major pruning that will be required down the road.

A peak underneath the summer squash leaves reveals the heart of their operation:

A young beet is beginning to bulb up:

The oldest section of Bodacious sweet corn is starting to send up tassles:

Nice looking little spinach:

Here's a bit of Outredgeous Romaine lettuce that I planted outside:

Outside the garden, a rosebud tree gives its opinion on the nice spring weather:

Finally, here's a pic of our new set of rodent removal devices (not yet fully assembled):