Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aquaponic Corn

The corn is coming up:

Some wily critters tore into a sack of wheat berries, so I put the spillage in a bucket with some water.  Hopefully the wheat will soften up enough (and be tasty enough) that the tilapia will eat it.

Compost pile:

Getting a bit portly:

Here's the only vegetation I left in the greenhouse when I planted the corn.  The greener stuff in the bottom left is basil, lightly cooked.  The sprawling tomato plant actually originated as a limb that broke off of one of the old monster plants.  I stuck the limb in the ground to see if it would take root, and it did.  It has flowered quite a bit, but with the temps getting so hot (108F outside, and hotter than that in the greenhouse), it's having trouble setting any fruit.