Friday, December 9, 2011

High Tunnel Aquaponics in Winter

We're entering mid-December and the nighttime lows here in Kansas have been reaching about 15F, well below freezing. The water in the high tunnel aquaponics system has been fluctuating in the 72-80F range, while the air temperature oscillates in the 60-90F range.

The fish haven't been growing much, which is to be expected since blue tilapia grow about 3 times faster at 85F than at 72F. They nevertheless seem very happy and healthy, as you can see in this video:

And here's a peek at the grow bed.  I just finished moving the peppers and transplanting the next generation of lettuce, so it looks a bit scraggly right now.  Should look great in a couple of weeks, though.  The white things in the water on the left are all that remain of some giant bolting heads of lettuce.  I tossed some of the heads in there about a week ago when I was reorganizing, and the little 2" long tilapia in the pool have eaten everything but the tap roots.