Monday, March 19, 2012

Banana Aquaponics - Pups

A couple of nights ago I noticed that my Super Dwarf Cavendish had launched its first pup! This was my first pup ever, so I was pretty excited.  When I went out with my camera the next day to take a picture, I noticed a 2nd pup coming up on the opposite side of the same plant, as you can see in the pic below (1st pup to left of plant, 2nd to right):

Well, when I loaded that pic up on my computer and looked at it closely, it seemed like there might be a 3rd pup coming up near the 2nd pup (just a couple of inches toward the bottom of the pic from the 2nd). So I went outside and checked, and sure enough there was indeed a 3rd pup!

My plot to cover every square inch of the Earth with bananas will soon be complete!

Overview pic of the plant:

Update: Here they are as of mid-April: