Monday, April 23, 2012

Banana Aquaponics - first chop

Yesterday I chopped my largest banana plant, the Dwarf Namwa, to keep its size in check. Yes this will push back inflorescence and harvest, but there isn't room for this plant to mature in this tunnel, anyway. Therefore I'll just keep growing the corm while pruning the top until I get a taller greenhouse.  (Note that the plant has already started pushing out a new leaf.)

Here's the first Grand Nain pup:

Here are some of the 2nd-generation fish milling about in one end of their long pool (the light colored ones are dominant males):

One of the papaya plants:

The Dwarf Cavendish just keeps getting more beautiful by the day... does the Dwarf Red (front right, beside a Truly Tiny in the left foreground):