Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another Dwarf Cavendish Inflorescence

Here's a DC blooming at just 3.5' of pstem. It doesn't have many leaves because they kept getting fried from too much light/heat and not enough water.

Here's an updated pic of the Williams Hybrid bunch:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bananas in the Mist

Freezing rain has been pelting down outside all day. In the greenhouse, where the air is about 20F warmer, a misty haze hangs in the air.

Fruiting Progress in the Semi-Pit Tunnel Greenhouse

The Williams Hybrid is fruiting:

The Dwarf Cavendish just sent up a flag leaf (this DC is a pup of the DC that fruited earlier):

The Double is loaded with 16 leaves and should be sending up a flag leaf at any time:

The Fake Ice Cream (actually a Namwah) also looks like it's about to burst:

The Dwarf Namwah, Raja Puri, and Dwarf Orinoco all seem like they could throw up a flag at any time, too.

Banana Pit in the Banana Pit

The weather had been getting too cold for the six bananas that I planted outside this summer, but they were too big to go back into the semi-pit greenhouse, so I decided to dig a pit in the pit.

Once more the trusty shovel and wheelbarrow were called into action, along with a hand saw to remove some of the larger roots.

Gros Michel on the move:

All tucked in:

Left side, front to back:  Williams Hybrid, Gros Michel, Kluay Khai
Right side, front to back:  SH-3640, Grand Nain, Dwarf Brazilian