Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mystery Musa Update

The Mystery Musa is probably a Musa 'Dwarf Orinoco' (ABB). I had originally thought this bunch looked like that of a DO, but I had thought DO fruit had to be triangular in cross section, whereas these fruit had 4 or 5 sides. Turns out DO fruit just needs to be angular, not necessarily triangular.

The recent cloudy cold spell (temps down to about -8F) has kept growth to a minimum.  The main change has been the appearance of brown spots on the tops of the fruits, presumably an indication of cold damage.  Here are some pics:

And here are a couple of pics from a neighboring mat.  This was sold to me as Raja Puri, but it lacks the requisite red edging on the petioles, so I fear that it, too, is a Dwarf Orinoco.