Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fig Harvest 2015 - Aquaponics Greenhouse

We've been eating ripe figs almost daily since late June, when we first started picking Hardy Chicago fruit in the aquaponics tunnel. There were a few Black Greek fruits before that, and some wonderful Alma fruits started a bit later, but Hardy Chicago has been the workhorse in that tunnel. Here are some pics of the fruit (dark fruit are Hardy Chicago, light fruit are Alma unless otherwise noted):


7/1/2015 (bottom left is Celeste)



7/23/2015 (bottom two are Celeste)

7/24/2015 (back right is Celeste)

The harvest season in our adjacent semi-pit tunnel lags a bit behind that of the aquaponics tunnel, and has only just recently begun. A Celeste tree in that tunnel started trickling out ripe figs on July 1st (they're in the pics above), and the first bananas started ripening last week, but most of the plants in there are still a few weeks away from ripening their fruit.