Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Banana House update

Here are some pics showing the progress of the bananas in their new pool house.  Four of the plants in there are flowering right now, 3 Dwarf Orinocos and a Cocos.

Here's a Dwarf Orinoco that had 'gotten stuck' after transplanting and didn't grow for a long time, so I had to chop off the top to allow it to push new growth out.  When I chopped it, the first thing to come out was the flower.

Here's another Dwarf Orinoco a few feet away but growing in the same hole.  This one has a half dozen leaves, but the flower is only an inch above ground, so it's going to be an interesting bunch that may end up sitting on the ground before long.

Here's a supposed Cocos pushing out a flag.  I got my original Cocos plant from Pitangadiego, and from what I've read, there's doubt as to whether it's the real deal.  It makes bad bananas in San Diego for him (venturabananas has also sampled them there and concurs), and it's not known whether it's a real Cocos that makes bad bananas there due to being so cold sensitive, or whether it simply is not the real deal.  If anyone has any further insight into whether Pitangadiego is selling the real deal, please share.

The biggest plant in the middle of this pic is an SH-3640 from Going Bananas:

Another Dwarf Orinoco bunch:

The big plant just right of center is a Dwarf Brazilian that will hopefully bloom in the next month or so.

The biggest plant in the middle is a Pisang Ceylon that is going to be high maintenance from here on out due to its height.  Hopefully it blooms soon so I can sample the fruit and then replace it with something shorter :)  Just to its right is a Dwarf Red that will flower very soon.

Part of the miniature citrus grove, with a tomato in back, a Meyer Lemon on the left, and a Midknight Valencia orange on the right.

Meyer Lemon:

Washington Navel Orange: