Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fish House update

Below are a few pics from the construction of our pit-style Fish House. This time, instead of doing all of the digging by hand with a shovel and wheelbarrow as I had done with my pond and other tunnels, I rented a Bobcat. After the 1st day, I thought, "Eh, that's enough help, I'll just do the rest by hand"--which might have been an okay idea if I hadn't then decided to keep digging and make it twice as big as I had intended when I started.

Here's what the trench looked like last Fall 2015 after using the Bobcat on the first day:

Then after some hand-digging:

And after more hand-digging...
Special thanks to my nephew and Dad :)

Here it is newly stocked with bananas in spring 2015:

And here's what it looks like now: