Thursday, August 30, 2018


As alluded to in the previous update, there is a new forum available for the fig community at

As fig forums go, will be much like the old figs4fun.  The emphasis will be on the hobby, on helping people learn, and on helping collectors to get all the varieties as cheaply and easily as possible.  The difference is that will have closer moderation than figs4fun in order to prevent the sort of massive crash and exodus that was caused there by self-appointed vigilantes several years ago, or the runaway trolling which finally finished it off last year. 

Since there will be competent moderation at, activities like libel, defamation, tortious interference, wrongful demonization, false accusations of fraud, etc, will not be tolerated.  In other words, will operate in accordance with common sense and the law. 

How 'bout them figs?

Sunday, August 26, 2018

How to Propagate Figs "Impossibly" Fast

I have been relentlessly attacked and trashed over the past 2.5 years for claiming that I can propagate figs at rates that Wills and his band of biased 'experts' swear is impossible.  They say that I knowingly made false estimates about shipping dates that were based on propagation rates that were "impossible," and that I was therefore a crook/conman/cheat/scammer/etc who should be trashed and undermined every step of the way by any and all means (including both legal and illegal means).

Well, Wills and his 'experts' are of course completely ignorant and wrong, and I can easily demonstrate why, since I have always had actual proof.

I waited until now because I didn't much care for Wills' technique of trying to bully me into divulging my competitive advantages over him.  I strongly suspect he always knew I had a real solution up my sleeve, that he was frustrated that he couldn't figure it out on his own (despite my strong hints), and that he was using the smear/defamation campaign against me as a means of pressuring me into revealing what he wanted to know.  I think this because it's completely inline with the actual words and behavior that he displayed in private emails to me during the weeks leading up to the original $7 fig tree sale...when he was relentlessly badgering with me with dozens and dozens of aquaponics consulting questions, since he wanted to start an aquaponics system and since he knew I was a nationally renowned expert in the field (probably top 5 in the country at that time). 

It's amazing how much different everything is when you know some of the background truth.

So without further ado, here's quite possibly the most interesting thread ever posted on a fig forum: