Tuesday, October 2, 2018

GreenFin Gardens Kansas Songwriter Showcase

A very large group of songwriters with strong ties to Kansas is kicking off a benefit concert tour on Nov 24th/25th at the Wareham opera house in Manhattan, KS. 

The benefit concert series will fund the GreenFin Gardens food project, which aims to reduce hunger, improve nutrition, and revitalize local economies through large-scale hyperlocal food production facilities, each with their own fresh market and restaurant.  Half of all net ticket revenue will go towards creating a large 10+ acre pilot facility here in Kansas.

Here is the current lineup of artists:

Christie Lenee (a profoundly amazing talent; 2017 International Fingerstyle Champion)
Bing Futch (another nationally renowned star; headlined at Winfield this year)
Robin Roberts and Billie Preston (Winfield legends)
Nikki Moddelmog (best female singer/songwriter in Kansas, imo)
Bob Morrison (an amazingly deep talent; mix of John Denver and James Taylor?)
Sally & The Hurts (these 3 ladies rocked Winfield with guitar, fiddle...and saw!)
Stewart Ray (has a bit of a Hank Jr 'Bocephus' vibe; from Manhattan)
Jim McCarter (award-winning songwriter; his song "Big Hit" is going to be a fan favorite)
David Hakan (prolific award-winning singer/songwriter from the KC area)
David Thompson (director of the Manhattan chapter of NSAI)
and me (runner-up in NewSong contest at Winfield this year, my first ever songwriting contest)

Christie and Bing aren't Kansans, but were named Honorary Kansans by the group due to their over-the-top contributions of time and talent to the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield.  Not only are they major showstoppers there (Christie won the International Fingerstyle Championship last year, and Bing headlined the main stage this year), they repeatedly seek out Stage 11, the songwriters stage sponsored by the Kansas City Songwriters Circle, and give amazing after-hours shows deep into the night.  Their music is shockingly great; just breathtaking.

Logan Mize is a country star who also loves the project but can't join us onstage before March due to previous scheduling.  He's still a big help behind the scenes, though, including wanting to pass along an endorsement to the media and to help with advertising:

"GreenFin gardens is one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time.  I really hope everyone sees the value it could bring them and their communities.  I'm on the bandwagon for sure..."  --  Logan Mize

We are doing this concert series to support a large-scale food project aimed at reducing hunger, improving nutrition, and revitalizing local economies.  Half of our net revenues from tickets will be donated to that cause. 

The goal is to make it easy and affordable for everyone to eat an ideal human diet.  We'll do this by funding the creation of a large pilot facility (10+ acres) specializing in the intensive greenhouse production of a diverse and complete range of the very best gourmet temperate and tropical varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, tubers, legumes, hull-less oats, fish, eggs, salad greens, etc.  There will also be a market and restaurant built on site that will sell those foods fresh or in prepared form.  Everything sold in the market and restaurant will be grown on-site, and delivery will be available to local customers.  We estimate that each facility will be able to totally support the caloric and nutritional needs of around 5,000 adults.
The food will also taste a lot better than what we're all used to.  Since we will completely eliminate the supply chain, we'll get to grow the best varieties, rather than the ones that ship the best.  And we'll be able to pick them when they're ripe and taste best, rather than when they're immature and ship best.  It will be like a giant buffet style version of the Garden of Eden...for everyone.  After we build the first one, we'll build another, and another, etc, with the goal of making them as pervasive as Walmart or Burger King...and thereby making a profound positive difference in the world.
We think this project has the potential to become the biggest story in the music industry over the next year and play a key role in making the world a drastically better place for many millions of people who face hunger, malnourishment, and disease due to a poor diet.

Many of the artists listed above are eager to speak with media about it, so if you'd like to speak with Bing, Christie, etc regarding media interviews, just let me know, and I can put you in touch :)
Here is a summary of our showtimes for November 24th/25th for anyone interested in getting tickets:  https://www.eventbrite.com/o/greenfin-gardens-17915606483