Does GreenFin Gardens have fish on hand to sell?
Yes, we always have fish on hand to sell.  We maintain a large inventory of all sizes: small fingerlings (1"), adolescents (2-5"), and adult broodstock (8-13").  To view our prices for local on-farm pickup, click here.  If you need them shipped overnight via UPS, click here.  

How/Why did I get started in aquaponics?
My Dad has Type 2 diabetes, and I started all this as a means to help him stay healthy.  Here's a post that tells the story.

What is aquaponics?
Aquaponics is the symbiotic combination of aquaculture (growing fish and other aquatic animals) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil).  Basically: you feed the fish, the fish waste feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish.   

Why embrace aquaponics?  (This could be a very long list!)
  • aquaponics is fun, entertaining, pleasantly challenging, and rewarding
  • aquaponics consumes far less water than traditional dirt-based gardening/farming
  • the plants are automatically watered and fertilized...so you don't have to
  • you can save money growing your own food
  • the fruits, veggies, and fish are much tastier than what you find in grocery stores
  • you can grow your own food year-round
  • and more...

Why embrace greenhouse aquaponics, especially high tunnel aquaponics?
Here are 14 Positives of high tunnel aquaponics 

How can I learn more about aquaponics? 
Check out the Aquaponics Resources page

Where is GreenFin Gardens located?
Pott County, Kansas

Can I tour GreenFin Gardens? 
Yes.  We are not open to the general public for unannounced visits, but we do allow you to schedule tours.  Please see our Tours page for more info.