We are currently looking for help with the work listed below.  If interested, please send your resume and availability to the email address given on the Contact page.  Interviews are by appointment only.

Garden Workers - Lay landscape fabric and cover with mulch, pull weeds, water plants, up-pot plants, plant trees in-ground, help design/build/install an orchard irrigation system, prune bananas, help build tunnel greenhouses, help design/build/install aquaculture filters, help design/build/install aeration systems, graft fig trees, monitor and help manage pests, prepare specialized potting mixes, manage shading, set airlayers, box up trees at shipping time, create and manage hydroponic systems, move fish, count fish, general physical labor such as shoveling, carrying, lifting, etc, and more.  Experience with horticulture or farming is preferred but not necessary.  $10/hr, 10-20 hrs/wk, mostly morning hours around 7-11am to avoid peak heat of the day.